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:: Maximo Voltaje Summer 2011 Hot
01. Pitbull feat Marc Anthony "Rain over me"
02. Andrew Spencer feat Pit Bailay "Can't stop love (crystal lake remix)"
03. Strazz "Entenderas"
04. Gravitonas and Roma Kenga "Everybody dance"
05. David Guetta and Florida and Nicki Minaj "Where them girls at"
06. Bob Boomerang "Eyes will see (maiiq remix 2011)"
07. Lora "Fall in love tonight"
08. Colina "Farben (crystal lake remix)"
09. Sharam feat Anousheh "Fun"
10. Scooter "Stuck on replay"
11. Saintpaul Dj "Get my love (saintpaul dj love mix)"
12. Carlos Jean feat M and Y "Gimme the base dj"
13. Dj THT feat Auzern "He we are (maiiq remix)"
14. Double You "If i could fall"
15. RIO "Miss sunshine"
16. Monsieur Adi feat Gary Go "Last stand"
17. Jose Galisteo "Mis trampas"
18. Prezioso and Marvin "Song 2"
19. TiPiCal feat Josh "Stars"
20. Albert Mak feat Jason Rene "Let the music flow"
21. Marca Patito "Te lo digo sin censura (encanto and paradise inc club mix)"
22. Chris Brown "Yeah 3x (abe clements remix edit)"

01. Fm Audio feat Leila K "Open sesame"
02. Maria "Acredita (believe) (andrea t mendoza vs baba mix)"
03. The Wanted "All time low"
04. Domyp feat Francy M "Bum bum love (encanto and paradise inc remix)"
05. Ci Gala presents P4P (Poema 4 Paraules) "Tu tot tothora tothom"
06. 2am vs Darude feat Georgia Haege "Crazy world"
07. DCX "Fallen angel"
08. Darius and Finlay feat Nicco "Hold on"
09. Sample Rippers "Like i love you (club mix)"
10. Basto! "Gregory's theme"
11. Crystal Lake "Party doesn't stop (party anthem)"
12. Kylie Minogue "Put your hands up (if you feel love) (happy hotdog remix)"
13. Rihanna feat Britney Spears "S and m (remix)"
14. Rocco and Bass T "Tell me when"
15. September "Resuscitate me (buzz junkies remix)"
16. Britney Spears "Till the world ends (billionaire remix)"
17. Valerio M feat Luca Sala "Tu vivi intorno a me (encanto and paradise inc remix)"
18. Sibel "Wake up"
19. Greg Parys "Why don't we just fuck"
20. Manuel "Buena buena (def club dj maxwell remix)"
21. Paffendorf feat Fara "Will i ever"
22. Andrew Spencer and The Vamprockerz "Zombie 2k10 (djs from mars remix)"


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