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:: Maximo Voltaje Spring 2013
Maximo Voltaje Spring 2013

01. Juan Martinez "Una noche mas"
02. Dj Kuba and Ne!tan feat Heidi Anne "Be my baby"
03. Mike T feat Rawanne "Feel the sound"
04. TMS meets Steff! "Feel your heartbeat (handsupowo anthem edit)"
05. Courtney feat Flo Rida "Anytime"
06. KPD feat Submission Dj "Free to be"
07. Auryn "Heartbreaker"
08. G and G vs Davis Redfield "Icey queen (crazy 1 remix)"
09. Bruno Mars "Locked out of heaven (sultan and ned shepard)"
10. Manian feat Nicci "I'm in love with the dj"
11. Crystal Waters, Nicola Fasano and Steve Forest "Love i call my own"
12. SoulKey feat Yaniv Gezz "My heart shouting"
13. Dj Sipot and Ci Gala "Quero cafeee"
14. Alejz and KimZoneX "The end"
15. Rob and Chris "Autobahn"
16. Paul Oakenfold and Matt Goss pres The Concrete Sneakers "Touch the sky (disfunktion edit)"
17. David Moreno "Turn up the radio"
18. Feenixpawl feat Quilla "Universe"
19. Oreja "Vazilando (remix 2k13)"
20. Projekt Black "Million voices (basslouder remix)"
21. Alyanna Lu "We party every day"
22. Wally lopez feat Jamie Scott of Graffiti6 "You cant stop the beat (dero animal night remix)"
23. Willy William "Pulcino pio (willy william remix)"

01. Alvaro Guerra feat Kilian Dominguez "Ola k ase"
02. Victor Ark and Daniela "Bacia me (miguel valbuena edit)"
03. Sidney Samson feat Will I Am "Better than yesterday"
04. Ethernity "Can't stop loving you"
05. KeSha "C mon"
06. Dane Rumble "Cruel (whitenoise remix)"
07. Crystal Lake feat Beth "Dear god"
08. Raghav "Fire"
09. M Jhonnes "Hands up in the vein"
10. Brian Cross feat Inna "Boom boom"
11. Ola "I'm in love"
12. Dj Eddy N feat Iva and Blaq Shado "I want it all"
13. Michael Canitrot "Leave me now"
14. Pink Noisy feat Radio Killer "Mestral"
15. Abel The Kid and Julio Iglesias Jr feat Snoop Dogg "My love a piece of my love"
16. Arty feat Jenson Vaughan "One love one universe"
17. Ci Gala pres L9 "Proxima estacio"
18. Paul Dave feat Jonny Rose and Chris Reeder "Party like an animal"
19. JTA feat Dastinz "Saturday night"
20. Dj Valdi, Kato Jimenez and Jesus Sanchez feat Mey Green "Wanna dance"
21. Fountains Of Wayne "Stacy's mom (brian t remix) (13) (03).mp3
22. Tradelove "Seven nation army"
23. Three Mind "You are my number one (libex edit)"
24. The Coverman Dj feat Martina "My last goodbye (angelo ciaravola remix)"



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