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:: Maximo Voltaje Autumn 2013
Maximo Voltaje autumn 2013

01. Abel The Kid and Julio Iglesias Jr feat Mandy "Smile"
02. Marquees feat Marvega "Get down (get loose)"
03. Frank Caro and Alemany feat Meritxell Negre "Its not right but its okay"
04. Dayana "I wanna be your love"
05. Be Ignacio "Samba e (brazil original edit)"
06. Dj Torny and Favara feat Andrea Morph and Andreu "I will"
07. Dj Farre feat Jo Angel "Losin my halo (michael fall mix)"
08. Saint Paul Dj "Love (radio edit)"
09. Fifth Harmony "Me and my girls"
10. Maria Aguado "Amor de verano"
11. Liviu Hodor feat Mona "No stress"
12. Juanjo Martin and Chris Willis "Notice me"
13. Selena Gomez "Slow down"
14. Dave Stiller "Stay away (asteroids)"
15. Fedde Le Grand "Rockin'n'rollin"
16. Nikolaz and Gant vs Jerique "Superman"
17. Teisha feat Lexter "Take me higher"
18. Ivi Grau "The love"
19. Paul Doser and K Style feat Ainhoa "Trusting yourself"
20. Martin Garrix "Animals"
21. Carlos Gallardo feat Soraya Naoyin "U can make it right"
22. Jia Miles "Without you"
23. Robi Dubplate and Vir T Rodriguez feat Danny Ulman "Why cant you see"

01. Joss Lewis "Heaven"
02. Example "All the wrong places"
03. Fergie "A little party never killed nobody"
04. Follow Your Instinct feat Alexandra Stan "Baby it's ok"
05. Lucenzo feat Kenza Farah "Obsesion"
06. Dj Selas feat Roxen "Baila asi"
07. Bryce feat J Malik "Body rock"
08. Fuzzy Hair feat Miss Motif "By my side"
09. Nick Palmer "Change the world"
10. Calvin Harris and Alesso feat Hurts "Under control"
11. Ferron feat Inmagine "Drunk on Love"
12. Mastiksoul feat Dmol "Hands up"
13. Salinas "I will find you"
14. Marien Baker feat Shaun Frank "Live forever (original mix)"
15. Rivero and Capitan Kidd "Tonight"
16. Jaybee feat Maury "Mon bijou"
17. Davis Redfield feat Kool "Party hard"
18. Stefano Pain feat Lucia "Somewhere in the sky"
19. Cash Cash feat Bebe Rexha "Take me home"
20. Lana Del Rey feat Cedric Gervais "Summertime sadness (cedric gervais remix)"
21. Odalis feat Blackpata "Hands up"
22. Xavi Alfaro feat J Moore "Tell me why"
23. Derek Flynz "Your love"



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