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:: 93 Los exitos dance de 1993
93 Los exitos dance de 1993

01. Corona "The rhythm of the night"
02. Secchi feat Taleesa "A brighter day"
03. Rafa Villalba and Dj Sarna "Chiquetere"
04. Melodie MC "Dum da dum"
05. Emotional G "Toffee"
06. Haddaway "Life"
07. Bliss Team "People have the power"
08. Intermission "Piece of my heart"
09. Terminal "Poem without words"
10. Jam and Spoon feat Plavka "Right in the night (fall in love with music)"
11. Twenty 4 Seven feat Stay C and Nance "Slave to the music"
12. Dj Bobo "Somebody dance with me"
13. Piropo "The dream is just in my mind"
14. Fits Of Gloom "To love (extended)"
15. Aladino "Brothers in the space"
16. Nicki French "Total eclipse of the heart"
17. 2 Unlimited "Tribal dance (rap edit)"
18. Paco Pil "Viva la fiesta (live radio)"



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