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:: 04 Los exitos dance del 2004
04 Los exitos dance del 2004

01. Eric Prydz "Call on me"
02. Groove Coverage "7 years and 50 days"
03. Mickey Modelle vs Jessy "Dancing in the dark (piano mix)"
04. Mylo "Drop the pressure"
05. Candee Jay "If i were you (extended)"
06. Starsailor "Four to the floor (thin white duke mix)"
07. Infernal "From paris to berlin"
08. Anneke Van Hooff "Lie to me"
09. Shapeshifters "Lola's theme"
10. David Guetta feat Chris Willis "Stay"
11. Bellini and Mendon‡a do Rio "Magalenha"
12. Paps'N'Skar "Mirage (la luna)"
13. The Underdog Project "Remember"
14. LMC vs U2 "Take me to the clouds above (the mash up kids remix)"
15. Haiducii feat Gabry Ponte "Dragostea din tei (haiducii vs gabry ponte mix)"
16. Carolina Marquez "The killer's song"
17. Kate Ryan "The promise you made"
18. Tess "The second you sleep"
19. Whigfield "Was a time"
20. Global Deejays "The sound of san francisco"



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