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:: Volumen al Maximo Spring 2016
Volumen al Maximo Spring 2016

01. OMI feat AronChupa "Drop in the ocean"
02. Jack Perry "Alegria"
03. Feder feat Emmi "Blind"
04. Indaqo "Boom boom boom"
05. Eliza G "Hello hello (teknova remix)"
06. Chvrches "Clearest blue (uk edit)"
07. Alberto Ciccarini "Clorophilla"
08. Benny Benassi and Vassy "Even if"
09. Mike Posner "I took a pill in ibiza"
10. Pitbull feat Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker "Bad man"
11. Move Team "I was myself"
12. Romy Low "I will love you"
13. Luca Schreiner feat Kimberly Anne "Missing"
14. Marc feat John Lundvik "Open your eyes"
15. Tiesto and Don Diablo feat Thomas Troelsen "Chemicals (dexter remix)"
16. Otto Orlandi feat S House "Sail away"
17. Jose Franco "She can have you"
18. Lea Rue "Sleep for the weak (lost frequencies remix)"
19. Allan Ramirez "Take my hand"
20. Coldplay "Adventure of a lifetime (matoma remix)"
21. The 1975 "The sound"
22. Ruben Bonel and Will Simms "Tururu"
23. Sir Felix feat Jaren "You feel like home"

01. DJane HouseKat and Rameez "Ass up"
02. Thomas Gold feat Bright Lights "Believe (jakko remix)"
03. Matt Simons "Catch and release (deepend remix)"
04. Otto Knows feat Lindsey Stirling and Alex Aris "Dying for you"
05. Florian Kempers feat Rozalla "Everybody's free 2016"
06. Tobtok feat River "Fast car"
07. John de Sohn feat Sigrid Bernson "Happy hours"
08. Alex Midi feat Delacey "In the air tonight"
09. Ph1lantrop1c feat Lokka Vox "Liar"
10. Alexandra Stan "I did it mama (fedo mora and oki doro remix)"
11. Enric Font feat Lexter "Medieval lord"
12. Julian Perretta "Miracle"
13. Artband "Move on (stephan f edit remix)"
14. Lexter "Never gonna give you up (sweet sensation) (hr troels and gorm remix)"
15. Sean Paul feat Yolanda Be Cool and Mayra Veronica "Outta control"
16. Dj Valdi feat Mohombi "Pretty lady"
17. Marsal Ventura and Gerox "Take my hand"
18. Teknova "The riddle 2k16"
19. Christine and The Queens "Tilted"
20. ItaloBrothers "Kings and queens"
21. Dario Trapani "Together"
22. Nils van Zandt and Nicci "Up and down"
23. Walk The Moon "Work this body"
BT. Ricky Vives feat Amparo Rios "Smile"



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