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:: Volumen al Maximo Spring 2018
Volumen al Maximo Spring 2018

01. Kylie Minogue feat Gente de Zona "Stop me from falling"
02. Lock Chords "Angels"
03. Rock Aro Dj feat Ruly Rodriguez "Caliente caliente"
04. Turbotronic "Disco night"
05. David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Brooks "Like i do"
06. Mirami "Ecstacy"
07. Skae feat Geriel "Falling for you"
08. Sia vs David Guetta and Afrojack "Helium"
09. Andrew Rayel feat Jonathan Mendelsohn "Home"
10. W and W and Groove Coverage "God is a girl"
11. Edward Maya "I can't stop habibi"
12. Stereoact feat Laura Luppino "Ich will nur tanzen"
13. Lost Island feat Laivin "Little bird"
14. ATB feat Sean Ryan "Never without you"
15. Sean Paul and David Guetta feat Becky G "Mad love"
16. Gestort Aber Geil feat Benne "Repeat"
17. Axel Johansson vs Alan Walker "The river"
18. Flying Decibels "The road"
19. Alan Walker "The spectre"
20. Sound of Legend "What a feeling... flashdance"
21. In Paradise "Touch stars"
22. Jennifer Lopez "Us"
23. Dmitry Glushkov "Voyage voyage (instrumental dub mix)"
24. Nico Pusch and Julien Pockrandt "Wherever you go"

01. Groove Coverage "Wake up"
02. El Mukuka feat Alan Thompson "All i need"
03. Newclaess "Be the one"
04. Picco feat Lunascope "Broke"
05. Avicii feat Vargas and Lagola "Friend of mine"
06. Yan Kings and Matt Petrone feat Benzly Hype "Bumbaclaat"
07. Lost Frequencies and Zonderling "Crazy"
08. Busta K feat Joe Cleere "Eats me up"
09. Lia Lisse feat Rob Hazen "Fire in the night"
10. Ed Sheeran "Perfect (robin schulz remix)"
11. Size Matters feat Kastoway "Hold on to me"
12. Jonas Wak and NVLS "I believe"
13. Allen Wish feat Not Profane "I don't wanna loose you"
14. Max feat Tini "Lights down low (latin urban mix) (daneon remix)"
15. U2 "Get out of your own way (afrojack remix)"
16. Uberjak'd feat Fresh Til Death "Lose our minds"
17. Sigala and Paloma Faith "Lullaby"
18. Semitoo "One kiss (bodybanders remix)"
19. Armin Van Buuren feat Conrad Sewell "Sex, love, water (club mix)"
20. Scooter "Bora bora bora!"
21. Sigrid "Strangers"
22. Ina Wroldsen "Strongest (alan walker remix)"
23. Dj Snake feat Major Lazer and Juliet "Take me with you"
24. Galantis and Throttle "Tell me you love me"



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