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:: Dreams 80's vol.1

01. Frankie Goes To Hollywood "Relax"
02. Elegant Machinery "Process"
03. Real Life "Send me an angel"
04. Ice House "Hey little girl"
05. Ken Laszlo "Tonight"
06. Los Lobos "La bamba"
07. Modern Talking "You're my heart, you're my soul"
08. Sam Brown "Stop"
09. Steve Allen "Letter from my heart"
10. The Form "Colors of ever"
11. Tracks "Long train runnin'"
12. Visage "Fade to grey"
13. Adam And The Ants "Stand and deliver"
14. Concrete Blonde "Joey"
15. Boys Town Gang "Can't take my eyes of you"


01. My Mine "Hypnotic tango"
02. Brian Ice "Talking to the night"
03. Mark & Spencer "Stay"
04. Savage "Don't cry tonight"
05. Eurythmics "Sweet dreams (are made of this)"
06. Talk Talk "Such a shane"
07. The Scorpions "Wind of change"
08. Trans-X "Living on video"
09. Alarm "Unsafe building"
10. Ice Mc "Easy"
11. Gary Numan "Are friends electric"
12. Rick Astley "Never gonna give you up"
13. Culture Club "Do you really want to hurt me"
14. Kim Carnes "Bette davis eyes"
15. Voice Of The Beehive "Don't call me baby"

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