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:: Maximo Voltaje Spring 2020
Maximo Voltaje Spring 2020

01. Alari "Before (the suspect remix)"
02. Waze and Odyssey vs Tommy Theo "Always"
03. Johan Vilborg and Chris James "Focus (farius remix)"
04. Basslovers United and Grrtz "Freaky"
05. Dj Gollum and A Spencer "In the shadows 2k19 (neytram remix)"
06. Andy Van Dusk "Future dreams"
07. Cannonball "I miss you"
08. Shinzo "Make it count"
09. Karon and Purple and Zakko "Moonlight waves"
10. Turbotronic "My house (original mix)"
11. Dom "Not alone"
12. Ran D and Psyko Punkz feat K's Choice "Not an addict"
13. Sans Souci "Oxnard"
14. Quickdrop "Party monster"
15. Albert Neve and Abel Ramos feat Nalaya "Dreaming (esteban lopez and binomio remix)"
16. Spirit Of Sivana "Power to the people"
17. TO5Z "Rising"
18. Lichtjahr "Schmetterlinge (timster and ninth remix)"
19. Naptone "Starlight"
20. Dan Winter "Different"
21. Lovra "Straight lovin'"
22. Mike Candys and Seb Mont "What's on your mind"

01. Scooter "Which light switch is which"
02. Beachbag "Beatbox rocker"
03. Rewildz "Break it"
04. Limao feat Life on Mars "Broken bone (all i know)"
05. Cascada "Like the way i do (friday night posse remix)"
06. David Casamayor "Climax"
07. Audiotricz feat Nino Lucarelli "Distance"
08. Raf Marchesini, D'Amico, Valax vs Gabin "Doo uap"
09. The Travellers "Elevation"
10. Manian "Ravers in the uk (reloaded)"
11. Nicky Romero and Timmy Trumpet "Falling"
12. Hands Up Freaks "Forever is now"
13. Yanez "For you"
14. Dj N Farmer "Frankischstyle"
15. Andrea 2K feat Richie Loop and Norah B "Miami"
16. Sono "Keep control (artbat remix)"
17. Alari and Vane "Love of my life (splat zone remix)"
18. Tomtrax "Mono 2 stereo (denox remix)"
19. Le Shuuk "Sandmann"
20. Kaaze feat Nino Lucarelli "The evil folk (extended mix)"
21. Mimo feat Siena Bella "Skin"
22. W and W, Timmy Trumpet and Will Sparks feat Sequenza "Tricky tricky"



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