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:: Maximo Voltaje Summer 2020
Maximo Voltaje Summer 2020

01. Fidel Castillo "Me voy de fiesta (dany bpm remix)"
02. The Killers "Caution (clean bandit remix)"
03. Di Martino "Don't you fall in love"
04. Albert Neve and Abel Ramos feat Nalaya "Dreaming (dany bpm remix)"
05. Els Catarres "En peu de guerra (mon dj and albert kick remix)"
06. Freaky Dj's "Equalizer"
07. Miss Destiny and Hands Up Freaks "For you"
08. Lucas and Steve feat Alida "ID (another life)"
09. Dj Capde "I will survive 2k20 (club mix)"
10. Mon Dj "The king's anthem (club mix)"
11. Naptone "Let me down"
12. Blaze "Let's get"
13. Dark Rehab and ReliQium "My worth"
14. Skelectro and Allenx feat Norah B and Itto "No time (spikaa remix)"
15. La Pegatina "Gat rumbero (mon dj and luka caro extended mix)"
16. Basics "Prelude"
17. Tomtrax and Orca feat D Vibes "Schwerelos 2k20"
18. Dj Gollum and Dj Cap "Sheik yerbouti 2020"
19. Mon Dj and Suasi "Star wars tribute (club mix)"
20. Giga Dance and Shinzo "Run away (giga dance remix)"
21. FluxStyle and Nick Unique "Superstar 2k20"
22. Johnny Manfredi "Walk away"
23. Phillerz and Shinzo "The tavern song"

01. Vicetone and Tony Igy feat Dj Sipot "Astronomia 2k20"
02. Jasper Creed "2007"
03. Empyre One "Angeline (hands up mix)"
04. Blaze "Bodyrock (adrima and cj stone mix)"
05. Dr Prats "Tu fas (suasi and albendin remix)"
06. Strombers "Cantant rebel (mon dj and albert kick remix)"
07. Tronix Dj and Uwaukh "Decisions"
08. Heart of Stone "Ekwador (cj stone mix)"
09. Sean Norvis feat Copamore and Justine Berg "Embrace me (global rockerz mix)"
10. JJ Friend's feat Martina "Shake your body"
11. Filatov and Karas feat Deepest Blue "Give it away"
12. Dancefloor Kingz vs Sunvibez "Give me a lock"
13. Javi Blanko feat Yahiza Nieder "Let me know"
14. Andreas Andersen feat Alina Renae "Miss you (progressive house edit)"
15. Marsal Ventura, Mon Dj and Luka Caro "Game of thrones (extended mix)"
16. Dj Gollum and Dj Cap "Ocean of love (the official easter rave hymn 2020)"
17. Mon Dj and Edmondsski "Pirates"
18. Joran Shade and Matthew Vik "Remain"
19. Boys from TBG "Shake junt 2020 (dj gollum and shinzo mix)"
20. Tiesto and Becky Hill "Nothing really matters"
21. Lady Gaga, BloodPop and Burns feat Vitaclub "Stupid love (vitaclub warehouse mix)"
22. Clubbticket and Hands Up Freaks "We are the night"
23. Fonsi Nieto and David Ros feat Brais "We are the universe"
24. Mon Dj and Albert Kick "Heroes (esbarzers remix)"



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