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:: Maximo Voltaje Spring 2021
Maximo Voltaje Spring 2021

01. Jamie B and Nova Scotia "Never ever die"
02. K-ZU feat Sweetmadness "Alive"
03. Harris and Ford and Neptunica "Bye bye"
04. Gigi d'Agostino and Luca Noise "Crazy trip"
05. Dan Winter "How does it feel (chris diver remix)"
06. Nighbrs and Keniox "Dark"
07. Juan Magan "Donde estas"
08. Elestee feat Zach Teo "Fade away"
09. Dj Gollum feat Felixx "Fairytale gone bad 2k21 (giga dance and dancefloor kingz remix)"
10. Nathan Evans "Wellerman (220 kid and billen ted remix)"
11. Angelo Maria Calderano "Get it wrong"
12. Felium, Xtinctor and Bayla G "LYMF (let your mind float)"
13. Deland Beatz and Jerome "Moonlight"
14. FSDW "Nacht druber tanzen"
15. R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet and W and W "Distant memory"
16. Claen Slate "No more tears"
17. Denox and Ryan T "Not gonna give up"
18. Misha "One more drink (lesko remix)"
19. Art Directors feat Sarah "Stars tonight"
20. Buhos feat Roger Bosch "Se acelera (remix)"
21. Curly Hook feat Tony Moss "Technicoloured soul"
22. Kino Romero "Yo soy asi"

01. Gigi d'Agostino and Luca Noise "Musical castle"
02. Dalexo "Back to paradise"
03. Juve feat Marina "Bisou bisou"
04. Eich "Freedom"
05. Dj Gollum and Nick Skitz "Temperature"
06. Delta "Heart of bigroom"
07. Jasper Creed "Hearts collide"
08. Antonio Mellace and Tenaj "Let you go"
09. Huts and Lunax "Million years (jerome edit)"
10. Empyre One and Enerdizer "Tricky disco 2k21 (quickdrop remix)"
11. Monamour "Need u"
12. Olivier Darkfly "Never dead"
13. Alka and Feiv "Sick love"
14. KRLS "Spanish soul"
15. Crew 7 and FSDW "Holiday"
16. Attilazz "Stay"
17. Majestic and Boney M "Rasputin"
18. Freaky DJs and Joey Antonelli "The rhythm"
19. Neptunica and Lunax feat Madugo "We don't even talk anymore"
20. Cascada "I'm feeling it (in the air) (dj gollum and dj cap remix)"
21. Step by Step "Whatever it takes"
22. Dan Winter and Ryan T feat Dee Dee "Yamandana (slasherz remix)"
23. Geo Da Silva and Dani Corbalan "You gotta love me (extended mix)"



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