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:: Volumen al Maximo Spring 2021
Volumen al Maximo Spring 2021

01. 89ers "No go go go"
02. Dmoreno "Another day"
03. Alleko and Uri Farre feat Fabio Canu "Born to shine"
04. Osmia "Burning"
05. Gigi d'Agostino, Vize and Emotik "Never be lonely"
06. James Newman "Embers"
07. Karol Diac and Bruce Blayne "Falling"
08. Dan Winter and Ryan T "I feel good (fsdw remix)"
09. MartinBepunkt "Mein kleines herz macht bamm (hbz remix)"
10. Javi Blanko feat Natalia Navas "Universe"
11. Lunax, Coopex and Marmy "Milky way"
12. Ava Max "My head and my heart"
13. Gabry Ponte and MOTi feat Mougleta "Oh la la"
14. Dj Gollum and Empyre One "Organic (slap house mix)"
15. R3hab and Marnik "Candyman"
16. Lachie A'rden "Right now"
17. RIO "Shine on (bluckther remix)"
18. Jonas Blue feat Awa "Something stupid"
19. Elania feat Danielle Hollobaugh "Take my picture"
20. Sia and David Guetta "Floating through space"
21. Robaer, Martin Van Lectro and Patrick Metzker feat Liel Bar Z "Topmodel"
22. Nashback "Vaxxin"
23. Joseph Sinatra feat Nick Barrett "When i fall"
24. Billy Idol and Poolside "Eyes without a face (poolside remix)"

01. Abel Almena "Alive"
02. Joel Corry, Raye and David Guetta "Bed"
03. Jan Van Bass 10 and Dj Gollum "Behind blue eyes 2k21 (slaphouse remix)"
04. KRLS feat Yoli and Fectro "Cada dia mas"
05. Rita Ora, David Guetta and Imanbek feat Gunna "Big"
06. Mannymore "Can't replace you"
07. Dj Vektor "Close to you"
08. Pyti "Get high"
09. Shane Codd "Get out my head (swarmz and s1mba remix)"
10. Fifth Harmony "Work from home (karim naas remix)"
11. Gigi d'Agostino and Luca Noise "Girl"
12. Lizot, Paradigm and Amely "Monkey mind"
13. Just Ben "Paris"
14. Rik Art "Side by paradise"
15. ATB, Topic and A7S "Your love (9pm) (tiesto remix)"
16. Mr Kai "Try together"
17. Jose de Rico and Juan Magan "Tu me deseas (victor magan remix)"
18. Issam Alnajjar, Loud Luxury and Ali Gatie "Turning me up (hadal ahbek)"
19. Biotechs "Take on the world"
20. Beachbag feat Sary "Asteroids"
21. Ofenbach feat Lagique "Wasted love"
22. Dj Antoine and Deep Vice "When you want some love"
23. Ela "Wieso"
24. Steve Aoki, Willy William and El Alfa "Mambo"



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