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:: Maximo Voltaje Summer 2021
Maximo Voltaje Summer 2021

01. Cascada and Trans X "One last dance (extended mix)"
02. Shinzo "Bad idea 2021 (quickdrop remix)"
03. Lo Puto Cat feat Porto Bello "Cada cop (remix)"
04. A Towers "Come back"
05. Elton John and Years and Years "It's a sin"
06. Sintica "Don't you ever say"
07. Mighty Boy "First class"
08. Issam Alnajjar and R3hab "Hadal ahbek (r3hab club remix)"
09. Joa490 "Home"
10. Fraktal feat Sarah de Warren "Rainblows"
11. Over Easy and J12 "Liar liar (leondis remix)"
12. Ghemix "Neon soul"
13. Mark and Adam "Night"
14. Di Martino and Gonan Drew "Over you"
15. Dj Snake feat Selena Gomez "Selfish love (tiesto remix)"
16. Big Iyz "Piece of you"
17. Alex Heimann "Quit playing games (with my heart)"
18. Dani Corbalan "Run away (extended mix)"
19. Yvaine feat Jaylamb "Say goodbye"
20. Jax Jones feat Jem Cooke "Crystallise"
21. Hanns feat Lu "Up high"
22. K Zu feat Ocean GG "Wait for tomorrow"
23. Furkan Dulda "You"
24. Dj Gollum and Dj Cap "Apebuzz"

01. Gabry Ponte, Lumix and Prezioso "Thunder"
02. Dj Gollum, Dj Cap and Upyard "Buttman 2021"
03. Gromee and Inna "Cool me down"
04. Jerome and Lizot "Dance like rihanna"
05. Arsenium, Hanna and Tymma "Coco inna"
06. Frank Trax with John Castel and Xan Castel "Dance religion 2k21"
07. R3hab and Kelvin Jones "Downtown"
08. Turbotronic "Drop the beat"
09. Jordi Coza "Electronic"
10. JJ Friend's feat Martina "Shake your body (extended version) (20).mp3
11. Ludwig Van Brothers, Dj Botz and JJ Compota "El son"
12. Dave Ruthwell and Wizzaard "Lights go down"
13. AleOn "Melody"
14. O Falco "Midlife contemplation"
15. BeatsbyShackles "Chasing dreams"
16. Impact Mat "Never let go"
17. Parametricz "On my mind"
18. EyeMad "Open my heart"
19. Doctor Flamingo "Shallow (mad mucho flamenco remix)"
20. Laidback Luke and Tribbs feat Bertie Scott "Whistle"
21. Mike Candys "Sky"
22. Digital Dinosaurs "Sometimes"
23. Callisto "The chase"
24. Clay Pirinha "The way you get"



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