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:: Maximo Voltaje Winter 2022
Maximo Voltaje Winter 2022

01. Geo Da Silva and Alpha Squad "Love and desire"
02. Alok "Squid game (let's play)"
03. Tom Kurv "Back my time"
04. Jerome, Lunax, Orange Inc feat Nathalie Blue "Breathe me to life (ayahuasca)"
05. Cascada feat Trans X "One last dance (dj gollum and empyre one edit)"
06. Vize "Dancing alone"
07. Lizot and Boney M "Daddy cool"
08. FLGTT "Red light, green light (squid bounce)"
09. P8ople feat Bryan The Mensah "Lalala (wankelmut remix)"
10. Dj Gollum and Nick Skitz "Africa"
11. Shouse "Love tonight (david guetta remix)"
12. The Nation and IMPP "Forever you are mine (the nation mix)"
13. Beachbag, Junar, Rebecca Helena and Bastl "Plans of power"
14. Alesso and Danna Paola "Rescue me"
15. DTE "Dizzy (1,2,3)"
16. Squid Kids and 71 Digits "Red light, green light"
17. Yves Larock and Steff da Campo feat Jaba "Rise up 2021 (71 digits remix)"
18. Martin Jensen, Cheat Codes and Theresa Rex "Running"
19. Giga Dance "Take me away"
20. Marian Dacal and Eva Marti "Rhythm takes me high (we are back)"
21. Neptunica, Felix Schorn and Meela "What do you know"
22. Bougenvilla and TMW "Wild ones"

01. Hugel and Jude with Frank and Twolate "La candela viva"
02. Yves V and Alphacast "Air balloon"
03. Captain Curtis feat Sarah de Warren "All my life"
04. Gabry Ponte, R3hab and Timmy Trumpet "Call me"
05. Alfons, B3nte and Jessica Chertock with B3va "Puppeteer"
06. Leandro Da Silva, Vinne and Blando feat Skullwell "Dreams (will come alive)"
07. Sea Shanty "Girl with the leek"
08. Nils Van Zandt "Green light, red light"
09. Faithless vs David Guetta "God is a dj 2021"
10. Geo Da Silva and Stephan F "We got the power"
11. Mike Williams feat Xillions "Harmony"
12. Turbotronic "Move it"
13. Wankelmut, Selva and Mattn "Scary monsters"
14. Mariana BO "Sonata nº 8 in c minor (beethoven remixed)"
15. Skytech, DNF and Sary "Clik clak"
16. Blasterjaxx and Cuebrick "Squid play"
17. Claude Lambert and Cloud Seven feat Gihan "The biggest party"
18. Lumix and Molow "Trick or treat"
19. The Hitmen "Turn off the lights (club mix)"
20. Timmy Trumpet, Cascada and Harris and Ford "Never let me go"
21. Dj Kuba and Neitan with Bounce Inc "Watch out"
22. Alok feat John Martin "Wherever you go (alan walker remix)"



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