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:: D-Pop 2006
01. Paris Hilton "Stars are blind"
02. Jesse McCartney "Beautiful soul"
03. High School Musical BSO "Breaking free"
04. The Frank and Walters "Colours"
05. Naked "Bizarre love triangle"
06. Vargas Blues Band "Dance away the blues"
07. The Cardigans "Don't blame your daughter (diamonds)"
08. Darkness "Girlfriend"
09. Head Automatica "Graduation day"
10. Bananarama "Look on the floor"
11. Son of a Plumber "Hey mr dj (won't you play another love song)"
12. Taking Back Sunday "Make damn sure"
13. The Automatic "Monster"
14. Morningwood "Nth degree"
15. Melanie C "First day of my life (français version)"
16. The Crane Wife "O valencia"
17. Duncan James "Sooner or later"
18. The Unfinished Sympathy "Spin the rye"
19. Sexy Sadie "The second to last"
20. Gnarls Barkley "Crazy"
21. Liz McLarnon "Woman in love (k-klub rmx)"
22. Kim Wilde "You came"

01. Hilary Duff "Beat of my heart"
02. Leann Rimes "And it feels like"
03. Evanescence "Call me when youre sober"
04. Snow Patrol "Chasing cars"
05. Daz Sampson "Teenage life"
06. The Concretes "Chosen one"
07. Nerina Pallot "Everybody is gone to war"
08. The Bravery "Fearless"
09. Tom Petty "Flirting with time"
10. Moby "Slipping away"
11. Goldfrapp "Fly me away"
12. Helen Love "Junk shop discotheque"
13. Matisyahu "King without a crown"
14. Yellowcard "Lights & sounds"
15. The Streets "Never went church"
16. Camera Obscura "Lloyd i'm ready to be heartbroken"
17. System of a Down "Lonely day"
18. Keith Urban "Once in a lifetime"
19. Tara Blaise "Paperback cliche"
20. The Dandy Warhols "Bohemian like you"
21. Rock Kills Kid "Paralyzed"
22. Muse "Starlight"

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