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:: Dreams of Love 2008
01. Celtic Woman "May it be"
02. Lluis Cartes "Camina descal‡"
03. Berk & The Virtual Band "Can't take my eyes off you"
04. Bizarre "Dificil de entender"
05. Dj Lhasa "Giulia (piano version)"
06. Zucchero "Flying away"
07. O-Zone "Dragostea din tei (crystal version)"
08. Carlos Nu¤ez "Gabrielïs oboe (la mision)"
09. Joan Miquel Oliver "Sa nuvia morta"
10. Mickey Modelle vs Jessy "Dancing in the Dark"
11. Alma Chillout "Sevilla"
12. Natasha Marsh "The first time ever i saw your face"
13. Melanie C "The moment you believe (piano vocal mix)"
14. Junts "Tornar a neixer"
15. Novaspace "Guardian angel"
16. Enigma Borgia "Viejos enigmas"
17. Sevigny "Waiting for this look"
18. The Corrs "When the stars go blue (feat bono u2)"
19. Bon Jovi "You want to make a memory"
20. Sagi Rei "I fly with you (l'amour toujours)"
21. Miranda con Julieta Venegas "Perfecta"

01.Cascada "Every time we touch"
02. Runrig "And the accordions played"
03. Goo Goo Dolls "Before it's too late"
04. Merche "Cal y arena"
05. D.H.T feat Edmee "I go crazy"
06. Kylie Minogue "Come into my world (live)"
07. Shakira "Dia de enero"
08. Nacho Chapado "Dificil d'oblidar"
09. Josep Thio "Entre el cor i el fons del mar"
10. Dj Ross "Emotion"
11. Spice Girls "Headlines (friendship never ends)"
12. Beyonce "Listen"
13. Naive "Looking 4 Happiness (dazed version)"
14. Nena Daconte "Marta"
15. Magic Box "If you"
16. Bob Marley and The Wailers "Sun is shinning"
17. Camera Obscura "Super trouper"
18. Within Temptation "What have you done"
19. Avril Lavigne "When you're gone"
20. N-Trance "Set me free (lost soul version)"
21. Alicia Keys "No one"

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