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:: Maximo Voltaje 2009
01. Khrys and Jluis Dj feat Martha Mateo "I'll be here"
02. Fedo Mora and Camurri "After the rain"
03. Groovebox "Always and forever"
04. Just Luis "American pie (juan martinez remix 2009)"
05. Dj Barbas feat Ivette "Rock the party"
06. Dj Power "Dance for me (vision experience 2009)"
07. Tswigly Boy "Dancing together tonight (dj ross viale salsotto mix)"
08. Jorrgus "Do re mi"
09. Baby Alice "Hurricane"
10. The Coverman Dj pres Martina "My last goodbye (extended)"
11. Calvin Harris "I'm not alone"
12. Adrian Leo "Lady of the night"
13. Italian Rockaz "La verita (domasi remix)"
14. Fresh Fox "Life was made for me (radio mix)"
15. Dj Ross vs Double You "Please don't go (da brozz edit 2009)"
16. Akcent "On and on (when the lights go down)"
17. Lexter "Peace and love"
18. Luis Lopez feat Danny Ulman "Shine"
19. Mariucch and Tobix "Stai con me (lento sentimento mix)"
20. MGMT "Kids (albert neve and david oleart remix)"
21. Magan presents "Verano azul"
22. Bea Bronchal "Vives en mi corazon"

01. Gaetano Dj "Sento (overland edit)"
02. Justine Millow "Ayo technology"
03. John Kodrix "Blue eyes"
04. Jungly "Deejay robot (dj sanny j mix)"
05. Laera "Odissea mediterranea"
06. Alex Avenue and Mat Mattara "Hungry for love (klaas and mat's mix)"
07. Dj Power "Into my heart (italo maranza mix)"
08. Ferry Corsten feat Betsie Larkin "Made of love"
09. Loic B feat Joanna Rays "Makes me shiver"
10. Ma.Bra "Spirit of yesterday (ma.bra mix 2009)"
11. Underworld feat Sky "My sunshine (khrys remix)"
12. Dj Juan Martinez pres Coque Piraces "Noche de fiesta"
13. Righel "Non si cambia mai (the produxer remix)"
14. BWO "Right here right now"
15. Cosmik feat Mar-T "Touch me now (aritz remix)"
16. Ticket 3 "Tell me more"
17. The Last One "Te quiero"
18. Marc Korn "The faces"
19. Inffinity "What i've done"
20. Tss Proyect and Dj Moncho "Welcome to my world (dj pijalis remix)"
21. Mj feat Dj Tao "You"
22. Fede Kora "The end (red mix)"

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