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:: Maximo Voltaje 2010 (spring edition)
01. Taio Cruz "No other one"
02. Guenta K "Back then (terminator theme) (in-tune remix)"
03. Jay KO feat Anya "Baby don't you cry"
04. Nacho Chapado "Behind the eyes"
05. Cascada "Pyromania"
06. Krist Van D feat Reminiscence "Feel me"
07. Pi "Fight for this love"
08. Jan Wayne pres Marco Lovei and DVZ "L'amour toujours (jan wayne vs dj gollum remix)"
09. Antoine Clamaran feat Soraya "Live your dreams"
10. Fragma "Forever and a day"
11. Judith "Love and pain"
12. Dj Layla and Dee Dee "Planet mars"
13. Addicted Craze vs Tierra "Please don't go (commercial club crew remix edit)"
14. Wildboyz feat Ameerah "Sound of missing you"
15. Tripple Star "Insurrection (megara vs dj lee edit)"
16. Gathania "Spinning"
17. Mastiksoul and Di Paul "The whistle (mastiksoul mix)"
18. Nives "To give a deep sensation (heart mix)"
19. Mar.Pet "We fly together"
20. RIO "Lay down"
21. Dash Berlin feat Susana "Wired (dash berlin's reykjavik edit)"
22. Dj Yanny pres Terraformer "Won't forget these days 2k10 (keamon remix edit)"

01. Inna "10 minutes (original version)"
02. Minimalistix "Ashk"
03. The Mobb "Bass get smooth (disco freak remix edit)"
04. Brooklyn Bounce and Alex M vs Marc Van Damme "Crazy"
05. Gabry Ponte, Cristian Marchi, Sergio d'Angelo feat Andrea Love "Don't let me be misunderstood"
06. Pixie Lott "Cry me out (bimbo jones remix)"
07. Turntable Shockerz feat Becca B "Fake it (raindropz remix)"
08. Chris Frame "Flashback (radio mix)"
09. JFC aka Javier F Chumillas "Fly away"
10. Dj Bobo "Superstar"
11. LLP and John Puzzle feat Chriss "I miss you"
12. Philippe Coste "Love me tonight"
13. New Fresh "Masterpiece (victor ark edit)"
14. Selena Gomez and The Scene "Naturally"
15. Albert Neve and Dj Obek feat Amsbush Mc "Atun con pan (tcdj mix)"
16. Dj Nejtrino and Nikita Malinin "One night love (original mix)"
17. Giorno "Pretending happiness (giorno's jump edit)"
18. Javi Reina, Alex Guerrero feat Sandra Criado "Running up that hill"
19. E-Strella meets Scarlet "Thinking of you (ti-mo remix)"
20. Kesha "Tik tok (damn-r vs slam down! remix)"
21. Samantha James "Waves of change (kaskade remix)"
22. Marco van Bassken "Wire to wire"
23. Robert Burian feat Zdenka Predna "You"

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Compilado por TheCovermanDj
Varios Artistas Dance
45 canciones
155 minutos
201 MB
192 Kbps
Año 2010
Comprimido Winzip

Fecha de edición: 27/04/2010

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